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Welcome to Swedens most visited motor museum!

Cars in our museum

Our built environments are not just some simple scenes, but there are several fully operational settings.


Such as a full-functioning garage, 20-30's, where the "mechanics" are talking to each other, and then of course the "öschöttska".

Of course, playing "Jazzgossen" when revue Karl Gerhards Daimler of 1961 is seen.Besides leaning Erik Zetterström aka "Kar de Mumma" full-scale contentedly against his beloved Rolls Royce. It is one of Sweden's most photographed cars.Visitors will also hear the national poet Verner von Heidenstam read a poem, a poem which appeared in his poetry collection "New Poems" which earned him the Nobel Prize 1915th. The sound coming from the backseat of his grand Chrysler Imperial 1931st


The new building of 600 sq.m. museum shows in the summer of 2010 a unique collection of Rolls Royce. Come see for example a RR Silver Shadow, Corniche one or even a cloud.


It is the largest collection of Rolls Royce, which is on the Motor Museum.


Esso petrol station pumps operate when the visitor approaches the station. 


Service man server appears to clients at the time. 
Standard Gasoline cost 0.68 Swedish krona.

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