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Welcome to Swedens most visited motor museum!

Motor Cycles in our museum

Motorcycles creates a tingling of enthusiast ....


About 125 pieces of motorcycles / mopeds displayed, including Einar "" Motala Linkan "" Lindqvist entire motorcycle collection. Einar Lindqvist was a very Namtar approached the race track, from 1926 to 50 century, with over 1,000 take-offs and countless victories.


He had multiple Nordic and Swedish champion in ski racing. Treasures of his collection is SOK Racer from 1923. It was built and run by Fredrik von Malmborg, Norrköping. The emphasis among Einars motorcycles are Italian, MV Augusta, Moto Guzzi, Bianchi and Ducati Parilla.

Other bikes that we show are among the BSA Goldstar motocross, BSA Goldstar Clubman, and Megola an MC with radial engine in the front wheel. A machine we have borrowed from the Technical Museum in Stockholm. 


Einar "Motala Linkan" Lindqvist motorcycle collection of blah. A search made at Norrköping motorcycle factory.


We also have Indian Big Cheif 1946 Indian Power Plus 1920 Indian Prince 1928th.


New department for MC, Scooters and mopeds opened in 2015.

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