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Welcome to Motala Motormuseum in Motala

Swedens most visited car museum

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On the seventh of May 2016 Motala Motormuseum opened the new exhibition, "Cars that celebrities went in or owned".


For the first time outside Stockholm we display, among other objects, an armoured Lincoln that were bought to Sweden from USA to drive Nikita Chrusjtjov on an official state visit in Sweden 1964. Only Chrusjtjov had the honour to be driven in the car as the car broke down shortly after his state visit. We also display a Cadillac from 1966 that drove several chiefs of states as Indira Gandhi. The cars belongs to the Swedish Police museum in Stockholm. The exhibition runs until the 30:th of September.


There are more objects to see at Motala Motormuseum than just motorbikes, cars and other veichles. A photographic museum that display the development of the camera. There is a big collection of radio recivers, tape recorders and record players. Several of them are made at the Luxor factory in Motala.

With 2400 square meters of exhibition space, we can offer a wonderful exhibition, and much of its authentic environment.  A total of 300 veichles and all of them runs and can be driven.

It contains a new beautiful house that we did not have room for the past.  In Motala Motormuseum you will find a wide and comprehensive range of objects. You can easily understand the Crown Princess Victoria's thought the royal family's visit: ¨- Where did you get all these objects?¨


We are open every day throughout the year. To see our different times clickthe button: Opening hours.


The museum's premises are suitable for visit by the disabled and handicapped. 


At present, the entire collection is situated on two floors, along with bathrooms, and a disabled's bathroom in the restaurant.  

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